Jah Rasta Fried Rice

I discovered a new blog, I was particularly touched by his post titled justified and decided to write him, I’ll share the letter with you.

Hi dear,
 I don’t really remember how I stumbled on your blog, but I’m glad I did! I’m currently reading your old posts and I’m so impressed by your talent and your sense of humour I’m writing because of the justified post, I felt touched by your concern for your friend and your empathy for him. I could tell you the plenty mental issues that can result from marijuana usage but of course you can get them from Wikipedia. I’ll just tell you two stories.

 I’m a pharmacist, during my time in pharmacy school, I had to do clerkship at the Neuropsychiatric hospital Benin City and I met many, so many patients who had severe mental issues strictly due to marijuana usage. I was struck by a particular young man, very handsome dude from an affluent home, he only tried it for barely a week and he started having delusions and hallucinations and he’s been in the hospital for six months at the time.

 I had a friend named Joseph, he was a regular indulger of Jah Rasta Fried Rice, he was ‘normal’, very charming and intelligent. However, when I was in final year and was being taught the effects of marijuana, with every point the lecturer mentioned, he described my “normal” friend. Even in his normalcy, he was paranoid, withdrawn and prone to fits of anger among other things.

 Tell your friend that though the bible doesn’t explicitly say he shouldn’t light up, but the same bible tells us of the suffering of Christ for us upon the cross and therefore we are not cheap, we were bought at the highest price possible, would doing something that would leave him in a fragile mental state glorify his suffering? I don’t know but I don’t think so. I’ll go back to reading your blog 🙂 

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