Jamaica farewell

Been doing a series on songs I like, wasn’t able to write any post yesterday because I was under the weather. So much drama going on in my life this weekend, of course I’d upload the full details here.

Saturday: My friend from Uniben was getting married in Igando, I’ve always heard about the place but had no idea where it was or how to go there (mehn I need to tour Lagos o, I don’t know anywhere sef, need a guide, any volunteers?).

Left the house around 10am, two keke rides later I find myself at Cele express, boarded a 100 bucks bus to Ikotun (I need a car in my life, if you love me… Do something) while in the bus my little cousin calls (he isn’t so little, he’s 24) called, we talk a little, I invite him for the wedding, he lives in Ejigbo, it’s a simple matter for him to join me at Ikotun and we’d continue the journey to Igando. We get to the church just as the wedding party is pulling out, I’d spent thirty minutes looking for the right bus to Isheri and finding my way after getting lost.

We head for the reception, at least we’re on time. It was a beautiful reception, there’s nothing like young love jare. On my way to the reception I was chatting with Hero and baby, I told them my trepidation about my wedding, having to dance in front of everyone gives me the chills and nightmares, Hero tried to reduce my fear but I held on to it like a treasured scar. However at this wedding, for the first time ever, I let myself dance in public, I danced with the couple and even joined in the circle around the couple dance, danced for over ten minutes! I’m glad I’m finally overcoming my shyness reserve. Unfortunately I don’t have any picture of me dancing at the wedding


                                                                                   The little cousin and I
On our way back from the wedding, at Ikotun bus stop precisely, I fell into the gutter/ditch. The covering was rail like, I thought I’d crossed successfully only to see and feel my self being pulled downwards. I sustained tiny lacerations and a swollen calf, I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. After that I decided to go and see  my amazingly awesome godson Enyichukwu, he’s two years old and is the smartest kid alive


                                                   Ain’t he the most handsome 2 year old around?
When I finally get home,  I get fussed over and petted #onlychildinthehouse.
Sunday: I woke up sneezing, didn’t go to church, I could bearly walk at this point, limped round the house. Took a truck load of antihistamines, salbutamol and analgesics to get through the morning, soon I stopped sneezing but had shortness of breath all day. Was craving for bread and butter, hadn’t had it in months, I indulged and ate to my heart’s content.

Monday: woke up, joined family devotion and then went back to bed. Had the weirdest dream, saw Kalu Ikeagwu and Oga Mike Adenuga in front of a run down bungalow, I was told that was M.A’s house. There was a particular song that was playing in my dream, I woke up with the song in my head, I knew snatches of the song, so I looked for it on Google, after so many false starts I found the song! It’s a calypso song done in 1956 (when daddy was born), the title? Jamaica farewell by Harry Belafonte. I went to youtube and searched for videos of the song, watched so many versions, downloaded a few and have been playing them all day!

Was looking for Emma Ogosi’s Awele song on youtube, loved the song as a child. Yes! music was a huge part of my childhood, my paternal grandfather and I would sing the song together. I couldn’t find the song but I stumbled into Evi Edna Ogholi’s ‘happy birthday’ it used to be a birthday staple back in the day, haven’t heard the song in a while. As I watched the video on youtube, something struck me- the video had a number of decently clad dancing women(the presexy era) who all had permed hair. Not even one wore weaves, not one! And they had thick beautiful hair unlike the chicken nyash like hair most babes sport under the expensive weaves *no be talk am sha, na my alter ego*

I had a four year old visitor this evening, cute as a diamond button, and a smooth talker too(he promised to buy me a big car, we were talking about his father’s car and he suddenly offered to buy me one too). He told me a story about a lion and five cats and how the lion was just ‘looking for their trouble’. We had a good time, can’t wait to have my own munchkins. Baba God, the husband never show o, why the guy still dey delay?

The Jamaica farewell is such a beautiful song, I just discovered today that I love Calypso music! Watched a number of calypso videos on YouTube.
I’m really enjoying this limboic phase in my life, I’m neither working nor schooling, just chilling and waiting for service. Discovering new songs, series and movies along the way. It’s a nice life my darlings


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