From the first day I met him, I knew he would have his name on the cover page of books, he hasn’t written any yet but here’s a snippet of my friend’s vast talent


The Song is the Thing.

May D's Chapter One

Sometimes the best pop music is frivolous fun, a song, an album of danceable melodies without much thought given to lyrics. The trick is not to try too hard: can the artist make the thoughtless effortless?

For Mr MayD, the answer is a resounding yes. Song after song on “Chapter One” is packed with sweet and senseless singing.

Save for a funny French line on “So Many Tinz,” the language of “Chapter One” is unpretentious; Pidgin, Yoruba and Yoruba-accented English find place. And the music is rooted in the rhythms of Nigerian music from the 1990s. A lot of time as passed since then for the appeal of his music to depend on nostalgia of a certain kind.

Nevertheless there is novelty in the album arrangement that sees one song flow into the next without a stretched pause so it is unmistakably dance-themed.

Chapter One…

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