Where’s he? I ask
Shifty eyes and dropped gazes were my answers
I hear myself say “I’ll wait for him”
“No you can’t” replies your friend….
My eyes dart to his face in shock.
Shrouded in a merciful fog, I float away
The world had no penetrative power
What just happened? What’s the true story?
I find myself on my bed
Strange wetness on my pillow, was I crying?
I hear myself wail, but the cocoon protects me still

Ukwu Sugar walks in….
She lets me breathe on her, huge thirsty breaths
Then she tells me that which I was the last to know…
It’s the same old story…
She’s your friend’s little sister…
She comes around all the time
She cooks your meals and does your laundry
She’s the one “who’s there for you” while I toil to get my degree….

“Wipe your eyes” she says, “you’ll find better”
You and I know it’s not possible
Who can I love like I love, sorry loved you…
I wonder how you think she’ll love you more than I have…
Marvin Gaye’s “I heard it through the grapevine” rings in my head…
I’ve finally lost my mind.


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