Pancakes Adaeze’s way

Disclaimer: my pancakes are not the conventional pancakes but if you want a delicious and time efficient meal…
To start with you need the following
Milk (preferably liquid)
A pinch of salt
Flavour *optional*
Raisins *optional*
Basically you can add anything you like and you can tweak the recipe to suit your taste.
Today I made pancakes for two people, my mother and I. We’re light eaters so I made very little ingredients…


One cup of flour, one egg, a tin of peak milk, a quarter cup of sugar and half teaspoon of coconut flavour.
I like to use either nutmeg or coconut flavour for my pancakes because of their nice scent and their ability to stimulate the taste buds.
First I beat the egg and add the milk. I used the whole tin because I wanted the heft that milk gives it. You can actually make pancakes without milk… My aunty makes them without milk and I’m not too fond of her version.


Then I added the sugar and just enough water to dissolve it plus a pinch of salt and then stirred the mixture to dissolve the sugar.
Finally I added my flour and half teaspoon of flavour. I usually use coconut creme flakes unfortunately I ran out of it and had forgotten to restock. I then stirred the batter to get a smooth paste. My mum likes her batter a little watery, it makes the finished cakes light and flat, I like mine a little thicker so I can finish frying faster *wink*
I heat oil till it was very hot and then added four big spoonful of batter into my frying pan.


Waited for it to brown, turned it over and….


Dinner is ready.
You can have it with tea or anything at all, even water…
The whole process took less than 15 minutes.
Pancakes are one of the pillars of my cooking repertoire and believe me there’s nobody I’ve ever made it for who hasn’t begged, yes begged! to have me make it again for them… You can bet it’s my go to meal when I want to impress.
PS I’m getting better at the cake baking thing, the last batch of cakes I made impressed me a little… I want to thank my friend Hero who helped me bake albeit in the spirit and who’s the most supportive and affirming friend ever, I’m triple lucky to have you and I pray that God will give you the twins you crave when it’s time *dodges blows and tickles*
PPS: someone might wonder “whatever happened to your weight loss odyssey” and to you I say… I no go die because say I dey lose weight, once in a while I’ll eat what pleases me.



    1. Thanks dear for the comment, it’s easy to make, and no it’s not weird for a girl, there are so many dishes to be tried, so little time!


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