This can’t be happening

I never thought I’d be reduced to this, sitting in a road side buka and watching people eat. O well! We should all get to experience new things daily. It’s the spice that gives life its pep.
The buka isn’t half bad, a little tight tough, ok ok! Very tight and crowded but the food is decent (I think) I only had liver and small dodo *fried plantains* and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The liver was tasty and it took me down memory lane to when my grandmother used to sell peppersoup in her bar, she’d reserve liver for me daily.



I had a nice time there. Want to say a gargantuan thank you to the friend who took me there, you know you’re the bestest.
This lagos rains no dey fear God again, the weather is so cold… Wish I had someone to snuggle with.

A naughty someone sent this picture after reading this post, decided to edit it and add it


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