Throwback poetry

Two weeks ago I was searching for a gown I used to wear a while ago, I didn’t find the gown but I found some of my old jotters and in them found some old poems.
This is the first of them, this was written for my boyfriend at the time, sometime in 2010.

You’re the part that makes me whole
Fulfilling my every hour
Words cannot express what you mean to me
Your touch gives me wings to fly
Your eyes, a steadying and encouraging force
When I’m with you, the world is beautiful
Life, a little less jarring
You show me things I would never have known
You guide me through life’s uncertain paths
How I love you, warrior mine
You mean all the world to me
You’re my fantasy and ecstasy
You’re my wildest dream.

I remember his reaction when I gave it to him to read, he rolled his eyes, today I can understand why. Nobody impacts wisdom like life sha.
Although we’re no longer together, I’m glad for the time we spent together, my life would have been much duller without him. Didn’t they say it’s better to love and lose than not to love at all? Because of him, I know it’s true


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