Time and again

A table between us…
A wedding around us…
None of that matters

I’m looking at the couple, he’s in my line of vision
He’s stealing glances like a  pro,
Our eyes meet time and again, my heart skips in that rhythm

“I met a guy” I tell him
“I liked him” I said
“But I didn’t talk to him”, a wry smile creases my face
“I haven’t felt that kind of attraction before, it scared me”
Now he’s rolling his eyes
“Not everyone gets romantic arrhythmias”
“Should have jumped at it” he shakes his head

How do I tell him I didn’t want to act on it
I was satisfied with stolen glances and half smiles
Didn’t want to get to know him
What if he had bad breath, a serial kisser or had no imagination?
Or turned out to be just a man.

An image floats in my mind
A daughter with his eyes and a son with his nose and lips,
A baby at my breast, this one looks just like me.
Ada’s bored and she comes to me
“Tell me the story” she commands
“What story?” I reply, a glint lights my eyes
Rolling her beautiful eyes at her forgetful mother
“How I came to this world” is her tight lipped reply
“I went to a wedding”…

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