Whatever happened to Mr Biggs?


The two people in mufti are not paying customers, what does that tell you? A Mr Biggs outlet in the heart of Lagos island has no customer apart from this “beauty queen” on Easter Saturday by 3pm. What could be wrong? The economy? Other fast food places round here are busy, trust me. The location? Like I said, heart of Lagos island. The food? It’s terrible I agree but no worse than most other places. I feel so sad for them.
Mr Biggs was a huge part of my childhood, the promise of a trip there was enough to stop any tantrum, quench vats of tears… You get the drift. The snacks were delicious and fresh and the atmosphere was ‘thrilling’ I loved the booths, Obinna and I would play footsie and smile like loons. The snacks are no longer delish, the doughnut I had was tough and the jam was MIA, the Chicken Supreme seemed to be dating the microwave, that’s probably the only way to explain the number of times it must have visited the microwave. I do hope I don’t get tummy trouble, the last time I had food this bad, I spent the night in the hospital.
UAC should do something about Mr Biggs, if they can’t restore it to its past glory, they should shut down! No stories. Nostalgia brought me here today, don’t think I’ll come back.
PS The Mr Biggs at Bode Thomas isn’t half bad though but they never have change.

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  1. Did you know that UAC operates Mr Biggs as a franchise? And it can be sold to anybody that meets the requirments? (Note MEETS the requirements. Not sure if it involves surpassing. Or how often are does requirements evaluated?). This is unlike TFC or SweetSensation that I think are still wholly owned for now…
    But wait o,who still GOES to Mr Biggs??? @ least in Lagos??? Helloooooo?! :-p


    1. They have standards abi? It’s only here that such trash happens. Can you imagine KFC being like that? For me if they can’t put up, they should shut up! Kpomkwem.


    2. I still go there, nostalgia and fear of food poisoning. My last experience brought me to death’s door. Have no intention of opening that door till I’m @ least 86


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