Vegan in NIgeria

I’m still at Freedom park, have been skulking around, some people are looking at me with me suspicion.  O! Nigeria!  When will it be well with you again. I’m sure I’m tingling their insecurity antennas. Sad!
I’m hungry and looking for pizza, went to one of the shops here, the price chased me. However I’m intrigued by one of the shops here though, It caters for vegans and vegetarians. When I was nine I wanted to be a vegetarian, my mum quickly disabused me of that idea, but my fascination for that lifestyle remained. Do you think it’s possible to be truly Vegan in Nigeria? And not be a billionaire ooo. Methinks not. The shop has a vegan hall of fame, vegan celebs from Bill Clinton to Ellen DeGeneres, not one nigerian was on that wall. Nuff said
Diamond Bank is sponsoring something here, I think it’s the art and culture thingy. Please tell them to sponsor my life, 5 hundred k per month, I’d give them their money’s worth. Help me spread the word, you never know whose ears it might fall into
Finally I was so impressed by women who own stalls in the Park (the stalls are the former jail cells) they were discussing nigerian politics when I passed them, their points were so rational and logical that I was tempted to check if they were really women and not drag queens, Yep! I said it! Nigerian women aren’t bastions of rationality and logic.


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