Daddy’s big gal

Last week I dreamt that my tab got crushed by an unseen force, I wept like a baby in that dream sha. Since then however I’ve had this irrational fear that my tab would get broken for real, relaxing has been hard. I’ve come to realise just how important the tablet is to me, I browse with it, my bbm’s on it and my major whatsapp account too. Loosing it would hurt badly, I hope it never happens.
My dad read my blog today, he even left a comment! Feels kinda strange though, did he read ‘Doubt’? What does he think?
I saw this picture of Basket Mouth on Facebook, he said its thirteen years ago. How time flies! Remember when I used to watch him on Nta2 this morning, I think he used to come with Holy Mallam.


This picture is a true depiction of the saying ‘no condition is permanent’
Four posts in one day, Whoop! I’m officially combustible. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, have a fabulous celebration

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