“You’re beautiful” he says. I want to ask, what happens when the beauty’s gone, when I’m wrinkled and gray? Will there be a fresher bloom on your mind, will my wrinkles put you off, will you be repulsed by my liverspots and blotchy complexion

“I like your breasts” he says, “jutting to the skies, as firm as a watermelon”. Will they still call you after I’ve fed your children, saggy and bowed by gravity. Will you still reach for them when you wake up or would you see them and fantasize about a girl half your age.

“I could stroke your skin forever, it’s so soft and elastic” I roll my eyes and wonder exactly how long is forever

“Your body always calls me, I stand erect at the sight of its pleasures” he muses. I turn away in trepidation, one day my body won’t be enticing anymore, I’ve seen it happen even to the most beautiful of women, what will happen then?

“Your lips are lush with sweet wine, your kisses intoxicate me, I’m addicted to you” he murmurs. Will you still kiss me when I’m toothless, when I drool and chew tobacco?

“I want to hold you all through the night, my arms are empty without you” his eyes burn with the fervour of a passionate truth…. I snore

I hold his hands and look into his eyes, I like what I see, I might as well enjoy the ride.



  1. ‘Will you still kiss me when I’m toothless, when I drool and chew tobacco?’ LOL! Interesting read. Like John Green once said ‘True love will triumph in the end, which may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.”


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