Of sit-ups, squats and crunches

I mentioned earlier that I’m on a weight loss programme, what I didn’t mention is the fact that its a mishmash programme designed by me. I tend to get bored easily (God help me when I get married) and will definitely not be able to follow a conventional plan.

I’m on a weight loss group on bbm and someone put up a 30 day  ab challenge and I tried to follow it faithfully but life got in the way, however I’ll be restarting it soon, when I was on it I saw a lot of improvement, saw a 2 pack coming along. Would be great to have a six pack innit? No be say them dey use am collect money sha but you know…

My hair has finally impressed me, its shoulder lenght now. Just when I stopped sending it sef, after all the hair care products I bought. Gosh I spent money o! Just realised that my hair doesn’t like much attention sef, who knew? Was just pouring love, time and effort and my hair didn’t care, reminds me of a certain relationship like that. Prince Charming had better be worth it, some frogs I kissed along the way… bleh!

I’m doing situps and crunches like nobody’s business now, remember when I couldn’t do 2 situps. This life eh… never say never my people o, but there’s one thing that will always be never in my life- Pawpaw, YUCK!

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