My Sunday

  I’m having a great day, went to church and was so blessed by the message – Reasons for marriage failure. My vicar gave a dozen and one reasons for that and while they’re reasons that are obviously obvious,  I love the humour, wisdom and Bible based freshness he brought to the table.
  After church, we went to see my first cousin once removed (my dad’s cousin, you guys should read more jare) whose wife had a baby. The baby who’s my second cousin is very cute and tiny, she looks so fragile – was scared to hold her sef, her name is Chiwugo (God owns glory), Chinemerem (God is doing it for me). The parents are so excited, but have that tired look behind her eyes. Seeing her made me broody, can hardly wait for mine (Jehovah my Sugar daddy is preparing it all for me).


                             My mum carrying Chinemerem
  The couple live in Iju Agege, a virtually unspoiled part of Lagos. It’s so peaceful and quiet, I’m a big fan of quiet places, would  love to live in a huge garden with wifi.
  Speaking of quiet places, we passed Grail land on our way there. I have fond memories of the place, it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth- the trees, shrubs, flowers reminds me of heaven my future home. Unfortunately we didn’t go in, I really wish we had gone there, it’s been almost 17 years I was there last. I managed to take a picture of the gate though


The picture was taken with my galaxy note, I miss my camera like crazy, my brother took it and hasn’t given it back. We’re heading for home now, the traffic is horrible, when will Lagos ever be traffic free or at least traffic lite? Answer in the wind I guess.
Have a great Sunday, spare a thought for this young woman who’s caught in traffic. Have a splendid week, kisses and hugs

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