Frog eating and other sturvs

I’m a chronic procrastinator, I’d rather do it next year than do it today. I have a presentation on Tuesday, while I have all my materials I’m yet to arrange them in slides and I’m very sure I’m not doing that tomorrow and that leaves Monday which is normally a crazy day at work. Why aren’t I working on my slides instead of blogging? That I cannot explain.

Many years ago I read a book on procrastination titled ‘eat that frog’ I can’t remember anything about the book but the title stayed with me, reminds me of the ever popular ‘if you must eat toads, eat the ones with eggs’ How do you know which toad carries eggs? They all look bloated and slimy. How do you know what problem carries your promotion on its tail, on a lighter note how do you know which broke undergraduate toaster would end up being the next Jason Njoku? I guess the answer is blowing in the wind.

I’m typing this in the parlour, daddy’s watching NTA 9pm news and I’m finding the news interesting.
First we noticed this


Then I got entranced by the Kastina state advert, I wanted to visit Kastina like yesterday, one of my teenage ambitions was to be a writer with a travel magazine and I’d travel all over Nigeria with my camera. Nigeria is such a beautiful country, believe me I know. I’ve been to several states in the nation, North west to South-South, South-East to South-West, it’s sad that even if I’m offered a monthly salary of a million dollars per month I would not take the job of travel writer- who wan die? My father’s favourite expression for disgust is Terrible! I echo that now, this insecurity in NIgeria is horrifying.

Mr President visited my home state for a PDP rally and welcomed defectors shade under the umbrella, the interesting thing was that most of the defectors were originally members of the PDP who’d defected to other parties, I guess nigerian politics is about making sure your bread is always buttered, ideologies and integrity mean diddly squat.
On a lighter note, Governor Rochas congratulated himself for receiving the president despite the machinations of the PDP to prevent that from happening. When did receiving the president become the holy grail? Nigeria I hail thee!  It’s 22:44(I find the 24 hour clock beautiful), time to hit the sack. Hasta la vista, amigos

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